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Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Wed Dec 20 12:06:05 MST 2000

Look, I probably made a mistake even mentioning that I had unsubbed from
PEN-L. What I was trying to do is turn the corner, but all it has done is
open up a can of worms about that list and LBO-Talk which was the last
thing on my mind.

There are many much more important things going on in the world which we
should be paying attention to. The list thing we need to be discussing is
Brad DeLong or Doug Henwood.

I told Les Schaffer this morning that I was deliberately not replying to
this thread because I wanted it to die a swift and merciful death. Now I
see that I might have to pull out my revolver and put a bullet into it.

Let's move on, for fuck's sake.

Louis Proyect
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