FW: [NativeNews] BIA report blasts Blackfeet police

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Wed Dec 20 13:07:17 MST 2000

>Note: This is a total cover-up. What is written about here is but the tip of
>the tip of the iceberg. The corruption at Browning--and at Reserves in
>Canada--is massive and is instrumental in the implosions and genocide going
>on in Indian Country. the new Tribal Council is as corrupt if not more than
>the old one (seven of the 9 members of the old Tribal council are still on
>the Tribal payroll). There are routine murders and attempted murders of
>Tribal activists (e.g. Norma Guillam)
>and people of conscience tired of the corruption at Browning.
>The U.S. Attorney Rostad in Great Falls has been made well aware of the
>forms of corruption at Browning by activists there, so has his boss Sherry
>Matucci in Billings, yet he says there is only a problem of "continuity" in
>staffing--total bullshit and cover-up.
>Jim C

I have been hearing about these problems from Jim Craven for the better
part of 2 years.

When I was out in Browning earlier this year to meet with Long Standing
Bear Chief, I got a chance to meet a young cop and his wife who were
thinking about renting his home when he was over in Xuppenish. They talked
a bit about religion. He was going off to some Catholic retreat and Bear
Chief told him that was into indigenous beliefs.

Over the few days I was there, other people kept coming by to discuss a
sublet. The last guy Bear Chief subletted to was a drug dealer, who turned
the house into a crack den. And this is in the better part of Browning, a
town of perhaps 5,000 people.

On the "bad" side of town, people are desperate. Youth gangs are killing
each other and robbing other Indians. Everybody is trying to find a new
place to live.

The most striking thing about this is that Browning is set against the
backdrop of Glacier Mountain Park in Montana, which is perhaps the most
beautiful place on earth. Before the white man destroyed their way of life,
Blackfoot people went into the mountains to worship their ancestors or pick
berries and herbs. Bear Chief showed me a mountain that was named after his
grandfather. George Grinnell, a "friend" of the Blackfoot who collected and
published their lodge tales, was also administrator of the park. In this
capacity, he banned them from the park since he thought they were inimical
to the use of the park as a "reserve" for admiring nature in an esthetic

I have no idea whether this investigation will lead to any kind of
invigoration of the struggle for democracy in Blackfoot territory, but it
certainly will have an impact on dramatizing the issues Jim is working on
for an inquest into genocide against the Blackfoot people scheduled in the
not too distant future.

Louis Proyect
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