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Wed Dec 20 16:39:26 MST 2000

I thought I would make a couple comments about pen-l.  To begin with,
I'm sorry to see a number of valued former members who have recently
signed off the list.  In part, the characterization is to some extent
correct.  I would like to see the list become more "academic," in a
sense that, as Nestor noted, there is a real need for economists to get
their act together so as to be able to make some headway in this
currently neoliberal world.

I have not signed Brad Delong off the list.  The only people that I have
removed have been those who got into nasty personal disputes.  All of
those, [actually there are only two on this list] who have been removed,
would be more than welcome to return as long as they could refrain from
personally attacking others on the list.

I vehemently disagree with many of Brad Delong's opinions, especially
his irrational anti-Communism.  He characterizes himself as a social
Democrat.  Usually, when he goes on a tear, I rein him in quickly.  I
did not do so in his controversy with Nestor, because I enjoyed seeing
how Nestor parried his analysis.


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