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Volume 8, Number 3 of:

Irish Studies Review a journal from Carfax Publishing, part of the Taylor & Francis

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 Breaking the Mould: Digitised Images of Ancient Outdoor Stonecarvings in Ireland --
pg. 293 - 302
  Malcolm F. Fry; Alan H. Martin

 Coleridge and Robert Emmet: Reading the Text of Irish Revolution -- pg. 303 - 324
  Timothy Webb

 Lyrical Unions: Mangan, O'Hussey and Ferguson -- pg. 325 - 338
  Matthew Campbell

 Patrick O'Brian: (Dis-) United Irishman at Sea -- pg. 339 - 351
  Kristin Morrison

 Degree Zero: Language, Subjectivity and Apocalypse in the Poetry of Derek Mahon --
pg. 353 - 365
  Patricia Horton

 FOLKLORE AND MYTHOLOGY -- pg. 367 - 369

 HISTORY AND POLITICS -- pg. 369 - 392

 LITERATURE -- pg. 392 - 409

 THE ARTS -- pg. 409 - 411



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