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Key US lawmaker says Netanyahu should run

A key US lawmaker suggested December 11 that Israel's former right-wing
leader Benjamin Netanyahu should be allowed to run to replace outgoing
Prime Minister Ehud Barak.

Palestinians prefer Bibi and Sharon  to Barak

On the eve of the previous Israeli elections, Hamas spokesmen were
practically alone in claiming that Benjamin Netanyahu would be
preferable to Ehud Barak as Israel's prime minister. Their argument was
that although the policies of the Likud and the Labor parties were no
different, Barak was more  likely to enjoy broad international support.
This view was articulated by Hamas spokesman, Mahmoud Al Zahhar, in Al
on January 22, 1999 and by the deputy head of the Hamas Political Bureau
Mussa Abu Marzuq in Al Ayyam on February 1, 1999, both papers being
publications in the Palestinian Authority area.


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