How to Handle Flames Thrown in Your Direction (was Re: MichaelPerelman on pen-l)

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at
Thu Dec 21 02:34:46 MST 2000

>If anyone goes back to the Pen-l archive around January 10, 2000, he/she
>will see that a sizable number of subscribers were making very personal
>attacks on me.  Yet when I counterattcked, I was the only one "reined in"
>and unsubbed.  Henwood, DeLong and Sawicki stayed with immunity.  And I was
>unsubbed when Perelman was in Boston and did not get all the post because of
>poor connections, according to him. What happened to equal justice to all
>and getting all the facts before rushing to judgement?  DeLong accused me of
>defecating on cyberspace and Henwood used my family background as an
>intellectual argument.

Henry, my sympathies, but personal attacks of the kind you mention --
including the explicit or implicit use of family backgrounds --
unfortunately happen all the time on left e-lists.  I myself have
been a target of such attacks on this list, LBO-talk, Thaxis, M-I,
L-I, engrad (a local e-list of all English grads at the OSU), allfac
(a local e-list of all faculty at the OSU), etc. at one time or
another.  Some of them went to great lengths, maintaining their
obsessive campaigns against me for weeks & months, as if they had
nothing better to do!  :)

May I, nonetheless, counsel the maintenance of a stiff upper lip, so
to speak?  Do not turn the other cheek by any means, but never reduce
yourself to the level of baiters by responding in kind to attacks,
ridicules, slanders, etc.  The strategy here is to let those who
attack you _make asses of themselves as much as they want_, while
_you_ remain on the moral, political, & aesthetic high ground,
skewering them with irreproachable propriety all the same.  Stay
cool, remain unflappable.

You lose by "losing it."


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