How to Handle Flames Thrown in Your Direction (was Re: MichaelPerelman on pen-l)

Henry C.K. Liu hliu at
Thu Dec 21 06:33:48 MST 2000

Yoshie, thanks for the sound advice.  I was relatively new to the list world then
and thought since I wanted everyone to read my posts sincerely, I was obligated
to read and response to every post that came in.
Still, it was not the attacks that upset me as much as the unbalanced
moderation.  I have unsubbed from lists that censored my posts for containing
"political" content since I feel that anything devoid of political content is
unworthy of my time.
Neither pen-l nor LBO ever cnsored my post, I must say. I felt like was
personifying China: when you retaliate, you are demonized.


Yoshie Furuhashi wrote:

> May I, nonetheless, counsel the maintenance of a stiff upper lip, so
> to speak?  Do not turn the other cheek by any means, but never reduce
> yourself to the level of baiters by responding in kind to attacks,
> ridicules, slanders, etc.  The strategy here is to let those who
> attack you _make asses of themselves as much as they want_, while
> _you_ remain on the moral, political, & aesthetic high ground,
> skewering them with irreproachable propriety all the same.  Stay
> cool, remain unflappable.
> You lose by "losing it."
> Yoshie

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