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Yoshie Furuhashi

What do you think of the contrast between Joel Kovel & John Bellamy
Foster drawn in the review below?

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Subject: Review of "Marx's Ecology"
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"Marx's Ecology: Materialism and Nature" by John Bellamy Foster


While most Marxists are aware of the high regard paid to the Iroquois
by Morgan, there is another more troubling side. Morgan's materialist
conception of social evolution included biological determinants that
often led him to racist conclusions. Concluding that certain common
cultural characteristics of various Indian tribes were proof of a
common racial makeup, Morgan surmised that behavioral differences
between Europeans and Indians could be explained by blood. In
"Systems of Consanguinity," Morgan writes:

"The Indian and European are at opposite poles in their physiological
conditions. In the former there is very little animal passion, which
with the latter it is superabundant. A pure-blooded Indian has very
little animal passion, but in the half blood it is sensibly
augmented; and when the second generation is reached with a cross
giving three-fourths white blood, it become excessive and tends to
indiscriminate licentiousness."


CB: This statement by Morgan seems to me the opposite of the usual racism. He is
saying that Europeans are more animal like than Indians. It is reverse "racism"  in
that he gives a physiological basis for it, but it is interesting that he reverses the
usual roles that racists give to the whites and the non-whites.

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