let's move on: Re: How to Handle Flames Thrown in Your Direction (was Re: MichaelPerelman on pen-l)

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Thu Dec 21 10:55:57 MST 2000

Yoshie said:

> >Henry, my sympathies, but personal attacks of the kind you mention --
> including the explicit or implicit use of family backgrounds --
> unfortunately happen all the time on left e-lists.  I myself have
> been a target of such attacks on this list, LBO-talk, Thaxis, M-I,
> L-I, engrad (a local e-list of all English grads at the OSU), allfac
> (a local e-list of all faculty at the OSU), etc. at one time or
> another.  Some of them went to great lengths, maintaining their
> obsessive campaigns against me for weeks & months, as if they had
> nothing better to do!  :)

Why are we still listening all these? the moderator has just said to cut off the
topic. Who cares about the details of behaving on pen-l, LBO any longer? those
who like those forums should stay, those who don't like should remain where they
belong. let's move on.




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