God & Bhaskar

Charles Brown CharlesB at SPAMCNCL.ci.detroit.mi.us
Thu Dec 21 12:32:54 MST 2000

>>> mh at jaspere.demon.co.uk 12/20/00 05:03PM >>
CR is a multifaceted movement the various strands of which have in
common only a fundamental commitment to the philosophy and social theory
of scientific realism. There are dialectical and undialectical strands;
Marxist and non-Marxist; materialist and idealist (even idealist
materialists, like you Gary! :); atheist, agnostic and religious; etc.
The indications are that the movement as a whole has taken FEW maturely
in its stride. The prevailing attitude seems to be that people are going
to continue to mine Bhaskar's work wherever they find it useful, which
is as it should be. The long CR march through the academy is still well
and truly in place, and going from strength to strength. (We are under
no illusion, however, that this will in itself change the world...)


CB: What's CR's practice ?

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