God & Bhaskar

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at SPAMosu.edu
Thu Dec 21 12:43:52 MST 2000

Mervyn Hartwig wrote:

>Among the more impressive CR books to cross my desk recently is Sean
>Creaven, *Marxism and Realism: a materialistic application of realism in
>the social sciences*. Routledge 2000. This builds (critically!) on
>realist ontology and social theory to construct a comprehensive Marxist
>social theory ('emergentist Marxism') which I recommend to members of
>this list. (Unfortunately only available in hardback, as yet, for 65
>pounds!, so I guess that means the library...)

I checked the OSU Library Catalog, but they haven't bought a copy yet
(and I don't know if they will soon).  Do you mind giving us a review
of _Marxism and Realism_?  I mean when you have time....


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