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On Thu, 21 December 2000, Gary MacLennan wrote:

> this was wonderful and I am very grateful.
>You have been very tolerant towards an ignorant
> Westerner!  I will look up the works of
>Vivekananda.I have only read one of his sermons
>and it was very beautiful.

No, you are not ignorant at all. You are very
knowledgable, I read many of your writings on
this list and come to this conclusion. I have some
difficlty in understanding some writers on this
list but not you. You have warmth and humanity in
your clear writing, this one can sense quickly
although we do not have met. It is ultimately human
heart what is important over human intellect. This
is what I see now. You will fit nicely in India.
Perhaps, it is there you will find what you are
searching for. If you have Ramkakrishna Mission
near where you live, they may help you in your
spiritual journey. Ramkrishna Mission was founded
by Swami Vivekananda and their ideal is service
to humanity (poverty, natural disasater, flood, etc.).
They practice philosophy of Karma Yoga - one path
to Brahma. They also have discourse, class on Vedanta
philosophy and have toleration for all relgious
faiths. The Mission have many chapters in main
cities of many western countries.

To understand modern capitalist world and how it
become that way, one has to encounter Marx - a giant.
One of best gift of western civilisation to world
is Marx. Today, west has discard Marx but east
have pick Marx up, Marx has great respect and honour
there. In same fashion, to understand India and Indian
philosophy, Vivekananda is essential. And even today,
masses honour Vivekananda in India. Even Indian
ruling class cannot discard him although his message
of renunciation of wealth is directed mostly at
them. So instead they try to absorb him in their
new intolerant "Hindutva" ideology. But they know
that if Vivekananda was alive today, he would have
expose their "Hindutva: ideology with his burning
words as mockery of genuine Hinduism of the
Vedas and Vedanta which have nothing to do with
religious intoleration and fundamentalism.

The ideal human being is one who has intellect of Sankaracharya (of Advaita Vedanta)
and great compassion
of Buddha, this Vievekananda said.

> I take your warning about charlatans seriously.  But >I am not naive.  Bhaskar is a
>brilliant man and
>has suffered for the path he has chosen.

I will have to remove my own ignorance of Roy
Bhaskar by reading his works you mentioned. In
my last letter, I did not mean Bhaskar is
charlatan. From what you have writen here and in
your review, Bhaskar appear to have noble and
powerful mind and is on a search for meaning
of exisitence like us all. What I mean before
was, there are actually many charlatan who
preach Hinduism, Christianity, Islam (and Marxism)
but whose main goal is power and money. They
serve ruling class in mind control of masses. Their
knowldege of what they preach is not deep and they
distort original message. They also not practice
what they preach. They are relgious imposters
and are dangerous.

> I am especially interested in your comments about >the achievement of subject-object
>identity and
>the resultant fall into silence.  There is
> nothing to say when one has encountered the
>absolute.  It reminded me forcibly about
>Thomas Aquinas's refusal to continue his work
>after her had achieved a mystical experience.
>There was nothing for him to say.

That is correct, there is nothing more to say when
one has experienced Satchitananda - absolute
existence, absolute knowldege, absolute bliss. This
is main aim of yoga - to realise and experience
Brahma and be eternally free of bondage and attachment
which are responsible for misery. The finite will then
become one with the infinite. This is what Vedanta

Many so called mystics all over world in ancient
culture and civilisations have also realise this,
including in west. In India, this practice has
been made systematic into science over centuries.

There is spiritual dimension of living being which is very important. Today, Marxism
cannot neglect it.
Like material hunger for food, there is spiritual
hunger in human being to understand meaning of
existence. This has to be respected. And in real
sense, genuine religion is anti-capitalist and
so revoltionary. None of ruling class figures today
dare say they are following path of Christ
(although they many time call his name) of
renunciation and unconditional love. For they
are on opposite path - path of Maya (wealth, lust,
crime) - path of bondage and degradation.

And Marx, Engels, Lenin was correct to criticise
'religion' of their time - they were completely
correct in criticising this mis-religion. Mao
say somewhere that socialism will lead to development
of human beings spiritual dimension. And Vivekananda
also say that a honest atheist is thousand time
better than a hypocritcal theist.

Finally, I use words like west, east and this is
for purpose of discussion. Ultimately, this is
also Maya according to Vedanta for whole universe
is connected - essence is one unity below all
this aparent diversity.

With my best wishes,


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