Once more on you know what...

Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at SPAMtao.ca
Fri Dec 22 08:45:15 MST 2000

> Nestor,
> The US electoral college has been designed to safeguard state rights. As
it turns
> out, it also protects minority rights and gives the states with large
> populations where minorities are concentrated more of a chance of beiing
> by minority swing votes.  One man one vote direct election would dilute
> political power of minority group politics.
> Henry

It is false that the system was devised as a guarantor of small states
rights. That is the argument in favor of it that has been made. In fact, the
electoral college was a safety valve against the population (even the white
male property-owners of the original "franchise"). The final step allowed
the intervention of these "electors" in the possible case where the voters
get the answer to the question wrong.

Arguing for or against the electoral college *as a political act* I venture,
at risk of being called an ultra, is something we can surely leave to pudits
and party activists. We should not get bogged down in the perfecting of
American bourgeois democracy. If one wants to work around issues exposed by
this election, José has it right when he proposes focus on the racist
disenfranchisement of a large number of blacks, particularly Haitians. That,
in my view, is the issue.


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