pen-l list?

Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at
Fri Dec 22 11:02:43 MST 2000

> Well, I am very active on pkt (Post Keynesian Thought) where my views ae
> taken seriously.  If you ask me, Henwood's undersatnding of Wall Street
> is that of an outsider. The trouble with lists like LBO and pen-l is
> that they are more intolerant of the radical left than they are of the
> radical right.  Go back to raead my debate with DeLong on his calim that
> Mao mudered, I repeat, murdered 30 million Chinese.  Delong compared Mao
> to Hitler.  Well the bottom line is that DeLong is still there and I am
> banned.
> Henry

The bourgeois press in Canada has been growing towards the "radical right" by leaps
and bounds over the last three years or so. The "other" daily national paper, the
National Post, now regularly claims 80 million. When the paper launched the number
was around 15, then it grew to thirty- but this one has floated several times in the
past few months.

Some basic life indicators over a 51 year period would probably end up with Mao
andthe PRC causing thelives of 100 or so million saved at any rate. But I'm a
stickler for totality in that fashion, and as such probably useless to quote.


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