Replying to John was Re: Turning the other cheek to George was Re:Christmas?

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Fri Dec 22 17:00:02 MST 2000

Hi John,

I am sorry if I confused you.  At 04:48  22/12/00 -0600, you wrote:

>So, while Gary McLennan nearly went so far as to label George Snedecker's
>atheism intolerant and unsophisticated.

There was no "nearly" about it.  George was plainly being both. Read his
posts, "Spiritualism" and "Christmas?". My case rests.

Now you went on to ask:

"And is it either correct or necessary to howl down the slightest criticism
of anti-materialist obscurantism in the name of "tolerance"? "

The answer to this is of course it is neither correct or necessary to howl
down anyone, never mind  the slightest criticism.

But let me refer you once again to George's post entitled "Christmas?". I
quote "I have had just about enough God on this list. I thought we were all

That was the very first statement of intolerance on the whole thread.  You,
if I may say so, have introduced the second.

Try to grasp the context of all this, John.  This is a Marxism list and
even though it is run by a very tolerant and clever man, it is not likely
that in this space atheists and materialists will get howled down.  All
that is likely is that those of us who are moving towards a position of
objective idealism can raise some of our concerns.

Reading over the posts, I think any fair person would agree that most of
the insults so far have been directed at me. But that is all one.  I chose
to go into the kitchen and I can take the heat.  But puh-leeze do not try
and construct things as me bullying the poor little materialists.  As Dr.
Snedeker put it with such sophistication "get a grip on yourselves".



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