replying to Heinrich was Re: Various forms of religion

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Fri Dec 22 17:07:54 MST 2000

Heinrich's quote from Marx's is a good one.  I possess the old Progress
Publishers Marx & Engels and Lenin on religion and it is remarkable how
superior their comments are to Lenin's.

But that is by the way. There is a challenge here to religion and it says
that if we have a better world then we will not need a god.  I think
Marxists should continue to press that challenge.  We should demand that
the churches free themselves from dependence on this-worldly  institutions
and that they should cease their support for the status quo.  For instance
the pope's recent reception of Haider is just one more act in a long litany
of treachery and betrayal by the Roman Church of the ideals of Christ.

We should be remorseless in our criticism here.  We should insist that the
Churches risk a better world now.  If Marx is correct religion will then
wither away.  If the religious are correct it will not.  Let us see who has
the right of it.



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