on religious education

George Snedeker snedeker at SPAMconcentric.net
Fri Dec 22 18:47:24 MST 2000

"I have always thought that religious education was a form of child abuse." George Snedeker
  I am somewhat shocked that anyone thought I was being intolerant by
complaining about God Talk. I was trying to express a little impatience with the
people on the list going on and on about spirituality. I would not speak in the
same way when aggressing a group of Christians. sometimes I think that people on
this list have no sense of humor.   I am a militant atheist and was just
reflecting on Marx, Nietzsche and Freud's take on religion. someone might have
taken my comments further by trying to link Marx and Freud on religion in a
theoretical manner. instead people got defensive as if I were about to deny
their right to believe what ever silliness they like.   I rather like people on
the Left who are also religious. they seldom talk about God. instead, they talk
about justice. it is also true that celebrating the birth of the Son of God
seems rather silly to me.   I am  bothered by the reactionary uses of religion
to defend capitalism or nationalism. I always tell people God could not care
less about capitalism or national boundaries. I  like Jose Saramago's THE GOSPEL
ACCORDING TO JESUS CHRIST. I think it is his best book. in it, he formulates an
opposition to all of the horrors which have followed in the name of the Son. he
has Jesus trying to resist being sacrificed on the cross after God tells him
what will follow, all that pain and suffering in his name. he fails; God gets
his way.

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