on religious education

soil_ride soilride at SPAMemail.msn.com
Fri Dec 22 20:36:35 MST 2000

Snedecker: I am  bothered by the reactionary uses of religion to defend
capitalism or nationalism.   I am very disturbed with the way Christians and
religionists have all defended capitalism, and the nation, especially in North
America.  Whether orthopraxis is violent, or peaceful, remains to be subjective
to the objectivity in thought, by those seeking liberty, equality, and justice,
on every level, social-economic-political-spiritual levels...   Any christianity
that does not question and upset the dominant mode of production is a
christianity out of touch with reality...A christianity that is repressive,
reactionary, and violent(in many social-unconscious christians) against the
victims of capitalism and ultra-nationalism.  It is a christianity that ceased
to be revolutionary, a christianity that found solace in embrace of the
bourgeiosie, the rich, the politically powerful, found solace in its
commodity-spectacle, a christianity that justifies the existence the bourgeoisie
place in this world.    This repressive christianity agrees to the existing
conditions that capitalism has produced, but has ignored as such.  The United
States is in competion with other nations, companies are in competion with other
companies, the worker in competition with other workers...this is the
materialism, which christianity defends...   It is incorrect to say that
christianity, through Christ's teachings, have always been perceived to be
right-wing and reactionary...but let's observe that the majority of the
christians throughout christian history have been right-wing and
reactionary...To focus our attention to the right-wing and the reactionaries
themselves who have considered itself to be christian in faith and principle
which has dominated almost every approach to Christian thought and action....

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