I dreamt I saw Fidel Castro last night

soil_ride soilride at SPAMemail.msn.com
Fri Dec 22 21:02:17 MST 2000

I had a dream about Fidel Castro last night...He was speaking to the world
about the Cuban Revolution, about Che Guevara, about the campesinos and the
farmers...He also spoke against oppression and the unjust U.S. embargo.  And
I remember working with the farmers on their land, people who fought for
Cuba to end this great injustice.  And while he was talking, I saw farmers
and workers wanting to goto America and start another revolution...

I saw a Cuban man and woman[to me they looked as if they were married] that
set foot on American soil and had met with an American man.  However they
did not get as far as the beach shore...instead they all played and swam in
the ocean.  Somehow the American man is alone with the Cuban woman on the
beach and the Cuban man still swimming alone in the ocean.

The two[American and Cuban] on the beach are seemingly in a moment of
intimacy when suddenly the Cuban man is washed up on the sands.  He crawls
in the sand towards them and on his abdomen off to the side a huge gash.
The Cuban man was wounded.  The American vanished while the Cuban woman
suddenly runs to her husband.  As he crawls, his intestines and entrails
fall out of his wide open gash.  His face is shattered, as if someone
smashed it.  And I heard doctors explain "He has soul shock, and he has no
clue anymore."

And Fidel Castro mentions Spain and I can sense great sadness in his voice.
I couldn't make out what he said about Spain, but the feeling that Fidel
Castro must be very alone...

And I saw the Cuban woman trying to piece together the crumbling jaw of her
husband, who dies...

I do not know too much about Cuba or rather about Fidel Castro himself,
although I read about him when reading about Che Guevara....and of course
reading about Fidel on this list...which is why I shared this dream with
you...for those of you who feel as if there are meaning in dreams, perhaps
this is meaningful to you...does anyone know what this dream might mean?

In solidarity

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