religion and marxism?

George Snedeker snedeker at
Fri Dec 22 21:03:07 MST 2000

I think that a serious discussion of the role of Christianity and progressive
social change would be a good topic for the list over the next few days. this
was my original intention in my "Christmas" message the other day. admittedly, I
was too ironic and provocative? many of my highest moral values came from a
childhood religious education. of course, this education was also a form of
child abuse. Nietzsche was correct about Christianity being a denial of life.
but is that all it is? Marx was correct about it being a drug to ease the pain.
and so can we balance the role of Christianity in history. think of all
that blood and suffering. has anyone else read Saramago's THE GOSPEL ACCORDING
TO J.C.?

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