Why "Objective Idealism"?

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at SPAMosu.edu
Fri Dec 22 21:37:27 MST 2000

At 10:53 PM +1000 12/19/00, Gary MacLennan wrote:
>The arguments advanced in this case are quite technical and complex.
>I believe though it helps to see Bhaskar as advancing a position
>close to classic objective idealism where spirit is held to precede
>matter.  This of course puts him in the company of Plato and Hegel.
>Before dismissing this position we would do well here to recall
>Lenin's remarks about how intelligent objective idealists were often
>more interesting than crude materialists.

And at 10:06 AM +1000 12/23/00, Gary MacLennan wrote:
>All that is likely is that those of us who are moving towards a
>position of objective idealism can raise some of our concerns.

It is one thing to have been Hegel in the period between 1770 and
1831.  It is entirely another thing to do a Hegel in the twenty-first

What's the point of returning to objective idealism _after_ the
emergence of Marxism (= historical materialism, not a contemplative


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