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Sat Dec 23 01:05:02 MST 2000

At 04:04  22/12/00 -0500, you wrote:
>At 2:21 PM -0600 12/22/00, Carrol Cox wrote in a post titled "Richard
>Levins on God and the Communist Movement":
>>P.S. "Spirituality" is a word that apparently even for
>>many communists still carries some mysterious word
>>magic about it. If one means by it recognition of the
>>social relations which constitute us as human, and not
>>the hocus-pocus at the roots of all religion (no matter
>>how well intentioned), fine. But why not speak of
>>comradeship then?
>Comradeship, yes, and I also recommend "politeness," in the sense that
>Walter Benjamin defines the word....

Another marvellous quotation.  I feel privileged and somewhat unworthy.
Benjamin has long been a hero of mine especially with his interest in
Jewish mysticism or should I say "Hocus pocus"?

comradely and politely


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