Replying to Hunter Gray was re: Religion -- or the lack of it --should be up to the individual

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Sat Dec 23 01:33:21 MST 2000

At 09:34  22/12/00 -0700, you wrote:
>On this snowy night in the mountains of Idaho, I really don't feel overly
>academic.  But I've been glancing at the talk involving God and "Jerusalem
>Slim" et al. and I have a comment or two or three.  I don't know a Native
>person -- including myself -- who doesn't have a consciously spiritual
>dimension.  And -- the Southern Movement went right into and through the
>very Pits of Hell (I don't believe in that place literally) -- motivated
>by a complex mix which certainly involved a very central justice-oriented
>religion.  Finally, as an effective grassroots organizer in all sorts of
>challenging situations -- Native rights, labor, civil rights --  I've
>never spent a moment undercutting anyone's religious belief (or lack of
>it) -- and can hardly think of a more counterproductive approach than to
>mess in those deep waters.  Fighting the institutional church in certain
>situations is one thing but Religion -- or the lack of it -- is up to the
>  Hunter Gray (Hunterbear)
><>                     Hunter
>Gray (Hunterbear)

Thank you for this, Hunter Gray.

Outside it is a sub-tropical afternoon.  The sun is a disc of red fire now
low in the sky.  Alas I cannot see Blake's angels swarming around it.

However that may be, I do simply seek an open mind to all forms of
experience and I also seek to build a movement which will be wondrous in
its pluralism.



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