Marx and the Bible

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Sat Dec 23 01:48:07 MST 2000

>Marx's detailed descriptions point out the very ugliness of which
>Christianity has faltered, that Marx's statements are true to the last
>drop and that Christianity has faltered in its process of liberation of
>man and succumbed to the process of market expansion of the capitalist
>system which exploits man through man against man.

Josh's post has occasioned a sharp response from Jose.   Again Jose quoted
at length from the classics and it was again very good to read what Marx
wrote.  Very good.  But I think that Jose was less than fair to Josh's
(Soil_Ride) original post.  I have snipped the above as proof.

I will yield to no one in my contempt of organised religions.  I have made
that point repeatedly in every forum I have spoken at on this topic. The
pope's  reception of the neo-Nazi Haider is just a small reminder of the
role that the "Vicar of Christ" is prepared to play in Europe should a
political and social crisis emerge.

In the coming crisis I feel that it will be absolutely necessary that we
build alliances.  I keep repeating this and I know it might be boring
folk.  But it needs to be said again and again.  We can stay pure and
hard.  Our training as Leninists is a great help here.  We will also
continue to be isolated and to seem something less than human by those who
we need to fight along side.



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