Why "Historical Materialism"?

Hinrich Kuhls kls at SPAMmail.online-club.de
Sat Dec 23 05:06:36 MST 2000

Why do comrades on this list always talk of historical materialism when
providing a synonym for Marxism, but almost never of scientific socialism?

Does the answer to this question imply rewriting the whole history of
Marxism, or to put it more precisely: the history of both the fight against
the trivialization of scientific socialism and the fight for its


At 23:39 22.12.00 -0500, you wrote:

>It is one thing to have been Hegel in the period between 1770 and
>1831.  It is entirely another thing to do a Hegel in the twenty-first century.
>What's the point of returning to objective idealism _after_ the emergence
>of Marxism (= historical materialism, not a contemplative materialism)?

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