Christian-Marxist(Re: Christmas?)

soil_ride soilride at
Sat Dec 23 07:36:49 MST 2000

I also used to think that Christianity and Marxism was a contradiction and
on the philosophy/religion level they are.  In fact I wasn't able to see
Christianity in my future at all. Things have changed for me. It is a matter
observing the God of history, whereas most christians talk of the God of
heaven and a God of salvation, but never of human liberation. To be a
Christian, meaning to believe that Jesus Christ died for our sins and was
resurrected.  To be a Marxist, to analyse the social and economic conditions
and to eliminate class antagonisms that causes them through proletarian

As a Christian, my own commitment to God is also a commitment to all of
humankind.  Jesus said "Love God and Love your neighbor."  One of the
greatest ways to "love your neighbor" is helping the oppressed, the poor.
To love your neighbor completely is to eliminate social and economic
problems that have caused them.

And as Sarte once said "Marxism, as the formal format of all contemporary
philosophical thought, cannot be superseded."  This quote puts contemporary
Christian Theology in direct confrontation with Marxism, and it is due to
the influence of Marxism that Christian Theology has already began to
reflect on the meaning of the transformation of the world and human action
in history.

In solidarity

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