Marx and the Bible

Carrol Cox cbcox at
Sat Dec 23 09:13:30 MST 2000

Gary MacLennan wrote:

> In the coming crisis I feel that it will be absolutely necessary that we
> build alliances.  I keep repeating this

Gary, I think you should stop repeating this, because it is
something which should go without saying. _Of Course_ we
make alliances. I don't think comrades should be forced to
repeat endlessly their list of religious comrades, social-democratic
comrades, etc. etc. etc. That is a given. Marxists have ALWAYS
entered into endless alliances.

This thread is I guess going to go on for awhile. It will avoid
flames if people don't force others to admit to the obvious.
I am going to flame the next person who tells me that we
have to make alliances with religious people. I know that.
I will find it seriously insulting if anyone suggests that I
don't know that.


P.S. The tone _but not the content_ of Jose's post might put
strain on such alliances. The substance of his argument is simply
true. In coalitions we perhaps should speak in a gentler tone.

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