Christian-Marxist(Re: Christmas?)

soil_ride soilride at
Sat Dec 23 10:23:49 MST 2000

In "To Be A Revolutionary" by Padre J. Guadalupe Carney, SJ, the
autobiography of an American Jesuit Priest who has been missing since 1983
in Honduras, writes on page 307:

"Also I liked the saying of Che Guevara(another Marxist saint, who gave his
life for the poor guided by the Spirit of Jesus without knowing him) that
'when the Christians in Latin America take seriously the revolutionary
teachings of the gospel, the revolution will be invincible.' "

In Marxism, is God's Salvation and Liberation Plan, the Kingdom of Heaven.
As for my faith, Marxism provides only a part of The Kingdom of Heaven.
Marxism is excellent in its analysis of the process of history and
liberation as well as pointing out the sinful nature of capitalism
itself...What Marxism doesn't answer is how we were created and how we will
end.  Communism as setting the stage for the end of history reminds me of
Jesus speaking to his disciples about the beginning of the end.  Many people
have said "What will a socialist, marxist, or communist society even look
like?"  I can only tell them, imagine a place where there are no classes, no
exploitation, no suffering, no suffering injustice and what have I
described?  I described heaven.

It one thing to dream and to live the dream, but the revolutionary brings
heaven to earth.

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