For Ysohie was Re: Gramsci & "Spirituality"

Carrol Cox cbcox at
Sat Dec 23 10:35:32 MST 2000

Gary MacLennan wrote:

> I am quietly confident here, that age limitations and all, when tested I
> will prove once more to be on the side of the proletariat.

I think we can take that for granted, just as I insist that marxists who
reject religion do not thereby question the correctness of alliances
with religious people. I haven't figured out yet just what angle I wish
to 'attack' your position from -- but I do want to establish from the
beginning those principles or attitudes which we all take for granted.
I want to stress this honoring of the obvious in particular because
on every maillist there are at leas one or two subscribers who
are unapt to so respect others.


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