TheRevWilliams at SPAMaol.com TheRevWilliams at SPAMaol.com
Sat Dec 23 18:33:53 MST 2000

    People with disabilities should not be seen strictly as 'people with
disabilities.'  As showed Devine pointing out that many university professors
are probaly mild autistics.
    What about everyone else you run into on a daily basis?  Then, I find
myself asking what exactly a 'disability' really is.  For, to some extent it
seems that everyone is suffering from one, no matter how minor.
    There are even things that people would describe as a characteristic
instead of as a disability.  One could make the argument that a low level of
intelligence, or cynicism is a disability.
    Disability, race, sex, etc. should only be used only as what they are,
labels, and should only really be used, in my view, when needed.  When
describing someone for example.  A label does not give insight to somebody's
life (except possibly minimally) or who they really are.
    Just some lil thoughts...


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