Marx and the Bible

Doyle Saylor djsaylor at
Sat Dec 23 23:18:43 MST 2000

Grrrreetings Comrades,
    Chris replies to my comments about religion,

    Doyle describes religion as decaying, and it seems many people have this
view.  I really don't think it is.

Certainly the U.S. is more religious than many other nations if one accepts
the poll takers.  But it is also true if one looks at local churches that
the neighborhood systems don't attract people like they once did.  Instead
there is a general movement toward large churches with charged emotional
attractors to bring new people to that "media" church.  Media churches in
turn don't rely upon person to person contacts in the sense that Mormons
still emphasize.

    All these things lead me to believe that either religion is growing in
popularity, or is simply keeping a strong force (which I tend to believe)
and is far from decaying.  At least, if it is decaying, it is not doing so

The problem for the left is not the religious are growing stronger, but what
have we got to offer people ourselves?   I want to respect why people turn
to churches as an outlook for what is on their mind.

I think a part of that is about networking properties in brainwork, and
potentially new means of understanding social organization through
electronic media.  Everything religion tries to explain as a consciousness
outside material being is going to fade away as the brain is understood and
becomes applicable to the tools of brainwork in computing.  How can religion
resist that effectively?  Hence the basis for religion is decaying.
Doyle Saylor

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