The Decay of Religion

TheRevWilliams at TheRevWilliams at
Sun Dec 24 08:46:02 MST 2000

    I have always been interested in the brain, consciousness, and the such.
Might you recommend some reading material?
    Also, I don't see how what you stated has to do with the decay of
religion=\  You touched upon related material, and how technology will help
create the downfall of religion, and probaly capitalism itself.  But
something's downfall, and its decay aren't the same, even if related.  So,
now, could you explain why you believe religion at present to be decaying?
    Perhaps you have already explained this, and I have simply missed it.  If
so, I apologize, but you will have to break it down and explain it again.
    Ah, thank you.


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