u.s. conservativism

George Snedeker snedeker at SPAMconcentric.net
Sun Dec 24 09:36:08 MST 2000

the United States has historically been a very conservative country, both
economically and morally. it has also been a highly religious country, at
least formally. there have been progressive religious movements like the
social gospel movement of the 1900s. religious groups have also played an
important role in the civil rights and antiwar movements. however, on the
whole, one could not say that religion has been a progressive force in U.S.
society. the prods and caths have thought that God and Nation are one. they
have also thought that Jesus was a proponent of capitalism. or was it

as a society, we have been oppressed by bible and flag. you can turn on the
TV and hear the wisdom of both Revs Fartwell and Jackson. CNN has a very
balanced view of God and Nation. they have not heard that God is dead.  the
shopping mall has replaced the cross. consumerism is the new moral narrative
which provides meaning to the flock. money is the Green blood of Christ
which keeps flowing. . God bless the market...

"And the country was young with God on its side." Bob Dylan

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