the mature Marx?

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On Sun, 24 Dec 2000 16:11:37 -0500 " George Snedeker"
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> I always thought that the "mature Marx" for Althusserians referred to
> when
> Marx grew hair on his chest. now they tell me that it has to do with
> an
> epistemological break. so Marx became mature in 1845 at the age of
> 33? he
> was still the young Marx at 32?

Althusser and the Althusserians have exhibited a  lot of confusion
on this point.   Originally, Althusser did seem to think
that Marx attained "maturity" around 1845 or so when he
was supposed to have made his epistemological break with
Feuerbachian humanism.  However, later on Althusser revised
his opinion when it became aparent to him that significant
residues of humanism remained in Marx's writings well past
1845 including even *Capital* and other late writings.  In
some of Althusser's later statements, it appears that Marx
did not fully become "mature" until as late as the 1870s
and even then, he never fully overcame his earlier

Jim F.

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