lecture on Althusserianism

George Snedeker snedeker at SPAMconcentric.net
Sun Dec 24 16:25:53 MST 2000

I would like to thank Louis for his lecture on Althusserianism. he hit on
all of the main points. althusser thought that antihumanism was an advance
over our oldfashion humanism.

I once published an  article on Raymond Williams in Rethinking Marxism. one
of the reviewers wondered why they should publish such an article about one
of those oldfashion humanists. they did publish it after all.

when I was a mere graduate student in the 1970s, Althusser was all the rage.
I was never too impressed. after all, I grew up on the border between the
working and peasant classes in New Jersey. I always felt closer to Sartrean
humanism. now days, Althusser is just a footnote. he did open up the gates
to all of those other antihumanists: deride, Foucault and Louis's first
love, Judith Butler. Nietzsche killed God; Foucault killed man, and Butler
killed truth. Althusser only killed his wife.

the only interesting thing about Derrida's SPECTERS OF MARX is the
dedication to the murdered head of the South African Communist Party. my
question is is this dedication part of the text? for Derrida, there is
nothing beyond the text. I will await Louis lecture on Derrida and

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