Chris and Jose

soil_ride soilride at
Sun Dec 24 22:03:08 MST 2000

Dear comrades,
I understand very much now your own opinion and feeling on religion and
faith, and as of now you very much in understandment with mine.  As from the
very beginning, which sometimes I must be reminded, I am on a marxist
mailing list, and not a theologist mailing list.  And i will do my best to
keep that in mind.

I just want it to be understood, that while not all Marxists may necessarily
be atheist, but that they may also be spiritual too and profess any type of
faith.  Despite these differences, it should not block in any way the
struggle to end social and economic injustice, to end capitalism.  Further
more we as liberators should seek out a way to promote a society that ends
class rule, divisions and warfare, poverty, injustice all the same.  A
proletarian revolution.

I love reading your posts by the way and the mailing list and the site is great.  Thank you for your time and thoughts.  Happy
Holidays to all who celebrate!

In solidarity,

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