the mature Marx?

Jim Farmelant farmelantj at
Mon Dec 25 10:42:47 MST 2000

Althusser over the years was treated by many different psychiatrists and
psychoanalysts.  He seems to have experienced the full panaolopy
of psychiatric treatment including talk therapies, shock therapies
(for his depression), and drug therapies.  The extent to which he
actually benefited from these treatements is certainly debatable.
He spent a good part of his adult life in and out of mental
hospitals, usually for brief periods of time when he was
experiencing severe depressions (he was diagnosed as suffering
from bipolar or manic depression).  He was never to my
knowledge a patient of Lacan's (their relationship was
that of intellectual colleagues and Althuuser found some
of Lacan's notions like his concept of overdetermination
and his critique of psychologism to be useful in his own
theorizing).  I think he was at one point treated by a
Lacanian therapist but never by Lacan, himself.

Jim F.

On Mon, 25 Dec 2000 06:56:23 +0530 "Ulhas Joglekar"
<ulhasj at> writes:
> >Another is Althusser's psychoanalyst Lacan who muddled Freud even
> worse
> than the
> > original pseudo-scientific, cocaine-addled product. (Lacan
> couldn't have
> > done a very good job, since Althusser killed his wife in a fit of
> rage. He
> > should have opted for medication.)
> >
>  Louis Proyect
> Lacan was not Althusser's psychoanalyst. Althusser's psychoanalyst
> was
> someone named Rene Diatkine. Ref. Althusser's essays on
> psychoanalysis and
> related correspondence in Writings on Psychoanalysis: Freud and
> Lacan,
> Colombia University Press, New York.
> Ulhas

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