Sartre & God (was Re: the mature Marx?)

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En relación a Re: Sartre & God (was Re: the mature Marx?),
el 25 Dec 00, a las 12:42, Jim Farmelant dijo:

> I recall reading
> somewhere of an account by Regis Debray of a debate
> that took place between Sartre and Althusser at the
> Ecole Normale in the early 1960s.  According to Debray,
> Althusser delivered a good thrashing to Sartre.

If I have to judge from his Latin American experience, Debray was the greatest
asshole ever delivered in Western Europe. He nonchalantly sent thousands of
Latin Americans to death with his lousy _Revolution in Revolution_ (just take a
good gym sessions, learn how to trigger a good shot, and you do not need to be
a Marxist any more!). So that I would not rely on the reports by this s.o.b.,
not at all.

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