Sartre & God (was Re: the mature Marx?)

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Mon Dec 25 14:57:34 MST 2000

En relación a Re: Sartre & God (was Re: the mature Marx?),
el 25 Dec 00, a las 12:04, Carrol Cox dijo:

> I also
> know a number of clearly aggressive revolutionary
> marxists who claim a debt to Althusser. So I don't
> think he can be merely dismissed as "the enemy." And
> at least some forms of structuralism offer a corrective
> to the inroads of various (bourgeois) "genetic,"
> "pragmatist" or "historicist" distortions of marxism.

Since I may be harmed by this shower of ammo, allow me to reply that (a) I also
know many aggressive revolutionary Marxists who claim a debt to Christian
teachings, and that (b) this is not due to the merit of Christian ideas, but to
the revolutionary will and aggresiveness of those said Marxists.

On the other side, I would like to know why does Carrol believe that "genetic"
Marxism is a  "(bourgeois) distortion". Although I can clearly understand that
"historicism" (not the Popperian straw man, actual historicism such as that of
Rodolfo Mondolfo) is far removed from revolutionary Marxism, I don't know if a
truly working "philosophy of praxis" can be anything but genetic.

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