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> George wrote:
> We had an extremely bright graduate student named Daniel O'Connell who


> came to Marxism in the most unusual fashion. During the war in Kosovo, he came
> to the conclusion that western propaganda was filled with lies. In a desperate
> attempt to try to understand how such things were possible [...], he read a popular
>pamphlet by
> Sartre on the need for socialism. Although his Marxism evolved into a more
> classical version, he never stopped admiring Sartre as this post from the
> archives should indicate.

In one of his few actually insightful comments on life, Ernesto Sábato, the
overrated Argentinean essayist, has a character in his novel _On heroes and
tombs_  state that you will never dissociate the person who introduced you to
Marxism from the Marxism you later engage. In fact, this runs with any
ideology, of course, and must probably constitute a basic feature of human

But what George S. considers "unusual" is probably the ONLY actual way to come
to Marxism, or nearly so. One becomes a revolutionary person by a sense of
outrage, then begins to find some light in darkness. stumbles upon some author
influenced or linked with Marxism, begins to pull the rope, and eventually ends
up swallowing the Pill of Truth, as in _The Matrix_.

Then, you cannot step back again. Or, you can but you will lose yourself for
ever, and _you know that_!

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