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En relación a Re: Sartre & God (was Re: the mature Marx?),
el 25 Dec 00, a las 10:44, Louis Proyect (?) dijo:
> Like it or not, in 1979, Sartre (still the Sartre of "Anti-Semite and Jew")
> couldn't  have cared less about the Palestinians: If you were a person of his
> generation in  France (born in 1905 as he was, and having lived through WWII),
> you would be inclined  toward the Zionist position, whether out of guilt or
> because of a subtle (seperatist)  racism.

Not my view. Sartre was ALWAYS pro-Zionist, even during the times when he
appeared as a defender of the rights of the Arabs and Palestinians. The issue
of _Les Temps Modernes_ where he puts Zionist and Arab intellectuals _on the
same foot_ is a feat in doublespeak. It is as if you put, say, Walter Benjamin
and Hjalmar Heidrich on the same foot in a number covering the "Jew-Aryan"
conflict in Central Europe, 1930s.

In my opinion, it is not a matter of upbringing, nor should the French origin
of Sartre be to blame. There were also anti-Zionist French Leftist
intellectuals. The problem  with Sartre was that he was always subservient to
some power-that-is (the drama of Heideggerians always, which breaks their claim
for "authenticity" in splinters). After WWII came to an end, Sartre linked
himself with the French Communist Party, and this is the origin of his pro-
Zionist position.

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