Marx on "freedom on conscience"

Michael Hoover hoov at
Mon Dec 25 17:43:21 MST 2000

"Freedom of conscience!"  If one desired at this time of the Kulturkampf
to remind liberalism of its old catchwords, it surely could have been
done only in the following form: Everyone should be able to attend to
his religious as well as his bodily needs without the police sticking
their noses in.  But the workers party ought at any rate in this
connection to have expressed its awareness of the fact that bourgeois
"freedom of conscience" is nothing but the toleration of all possible
kinds of *religious unfreedom of conscience*, and that for its part
it endeavours rather to liberate the conscience from the witchery of
religion.  But one chooses not to transgress the "bourgeois" level.
(Critque of the Gotha Program)         Michael Hoover

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