the mature Marx?

Ulhas Joglekar ulhasj at
Mon Dec 25 20:20:53 MST 2000

Jim F.:

> I think he was at one point treated by a
> Lacanian therapist but never by Lacan, himself.
> Jim F.

Althusser's second analyst, Rene Diatkin, was not a Lacanian therapist. And
Althusser urged him to take Lacan seriously. Althusser, however, seems to
changed his view of Lacan in the late 70s and 80s.

On the broader issue of Humanism: It's not surprising that in the context
provided by World Wars, imperialism, holocaust, gulags etc., the question of
humanism was in the air. [ Heideggar (Letter on Humanism), Merleau-Ponty
(Humanism and Terror), Sartre (Existentialism is Humanism), Frankfurt School
etc. etc.] In Althusser's case, Khruschev's speech at the 20th Party
Congress with its attack on the 'cult of personality', the violation of
socialist legality and the declaration that the SU was the State of the
Whole People were other elements in the conjucture, which played a role in
his positions. Althusser's preface to the English edition of For Marx, To My
English Readers brings this out explicitly.


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