genetic marxism?

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el 25 Dec 00, a las 20:49,  George Snedeker dijo:

> Carol and Nester,
> I have been following the commentary on Althusser, Sartre and antihumanism.
> however, I do not know what you mean by "genetic" Marxism. can you clarify this
> term for me?

In a single sentence: by "genetic" philosophy (not only Marxism) I mean a way
of thinking that makes the explanation  inseparable of the origins of what is
explained, and viceversa.

Will extend later. It is not a matter of an external "description of how is it
that we arrived at this", but that the history of a given situation is at the
same time its actual working, and the other way round: that history cannot be
understood without engaging in its actual working.

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