carol and lou on religion

George Snedeker snedeker at
Tue Dec 26 12:09:50 MST 2000

I think it was Cornel West who argued that Marxism had nothing to say about
the question of death. this is why he thought we still needed religion to
answer human needs for metaphysical questions. carol's and Lou's posts bring
this question to mind. personally, I don't think Marxism need answer all of
the questions in the universe. I have always thought religion  was more of a
problem than a solution to any human form of suffering. enter Freud
replacing Durkheim. I mean what is it that leads us to run to the
supernatural for help during hard times? is this need conditioned by modes
of production, or is it a basic human weakness? there is a relationship here
between the personal and the social. Marx might say that the personal is a
moment of the social since you can not have a personal without a social.
even Durkheim knew this quite well.

I have a friend, a good atheist, who when her brother was under going open
heart surgery prayed for him. she told me that this was because she might be
wrong and why should he suffer?
George Snedeker

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