religion and marxism?

Juan Fajardo fajardos at
Tue Dec 26 13:59:53 MST 2000

soil_ride wrote:
> I haven't read Saramago's book, but other books that have influenced me on
> Christian and Marxist thought have been Gustavo Guttierrez "A Theology of
> Liberation", Luis Segundo 's "A Liberation of Theology", and Padre Guadalupe
> Carney, SJ "To Be A Revolutionary".


You might also want to try to find writings by Camilo Torres, a priest
who became a guerrilla in Colombia in the late late 1960s and died in
combat.  He was quite influential in South America through the 1970s,
but in the 1980s got eclipesed by the Cardenal bros. in Nicaragua, and
their somewhat pacifist bent.  His writings, mostly letters and
interviews explaining why he believed that the Chuch must take the side
of the poor, and that to be a Christian one must also be a
revolutionary, have been published in a thick volume by Siglo XXI
Editores, but with some looking you may be able to find published
selections in English.

In the end, Camilo was a better propagandist than he was a fighter, and
he was killed pretty much outright after entering into armed action.
The organization which he joined the Ejercito de Lieberacion Nacional
got severely criticized for putting him into combat instead of taking
advantage of his propaganda and liaison abilities.  But, Camilo it seems
could not sit by as his comrades went into battle because when he joined
he was determined to "join fully."

- Juan

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