Sartre & God (was Re: the mature Marx?)

Carrol Cox cbcox at
Tue Dec 26 14:18:12 MST 2000

Macdonald Stainsby wrote:

> I'd like to hear more on this "synthesis". I can't imagine it... either
> you are building an army or you "are one", correct?

I couldn't imagine it then, & I can't remember it now. One fragment.
A local Giap-Debray 'theorist' talked of how his little group of
about 5 was trying to implement Giap's concentration/expansion
dialectic (which of course assumed a strong popular base). I
made no effort to explore his logic. But I think you can see how
within a less comic context (i.e. a context in which the object went
beyond smashing a few windows) this theory might prove fatal to
anyone who acted on it.

> Whatever, I'm tired of all this reading and studying. Just give me a
> grenade and point me to the bourgeoisie.

You get the general idea.


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