Carol on Durkheim

Charles Brown CharlesB at
Tue Dec 26 16:06:44 MST 2000

>>> snedeker at 12/26/00 11:08AM >>>

my question about what would replace religion under socialism was poorly
stated. I meant what would replace the formation and maintenance of
collective identity and the role of the transcendental moral signifier that
Durkheim attributed to religion? it is not enough to say that relations
between people and between people and nature will be clear under socialism.
how will they get so clear.


CB: By looking at things as they really are and not in any fantastic connection, i.e.
the universalization of a scientific outlook


it is true that what we commonly call religion
is a limited historical phenomena.Old Emile tended to see it as a universal
problem.  I am not arguing that Durkheim was correct, only that the question
I drew from him is of interest.

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