Sartre & God (was Re: the mature Marx?)

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> This and the next two posts were written yesterday but
> the ISU server went down for some reason.
> Nestor Miguel Gorojovsky wrote:
> > I don't know if a
> > truly working "philosophy of praxis" can be anything but genetic.
> I'm thinking of the tendency to explain a 'thing' by its
> origin, that if you understand the acorn, you understand
> the oak. Marx places the emphasis precisely when he notes
> that "The anatomy of man is a key to the anatomy of the
> ape" and does *not* add that the anatomy of the ape is the
> key to the anatomy of man.

Ah, then we are in agreement, it is just a matter of names. You know that this
quote by Marx is one of my favorite ones.

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