Religion -- or the lack of it -- should be up to the individual

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Tue Dec 26 21:56:33 MST 2000

At 07:05 AM 12/25/2000, Jose G. Perez wrote:
 >1) "Religion" is not simply a matter of people believing certain things,
 >but of very concrete, material, social institutions which play a very
 >definite political, ideological and social role.

Which is why I stated that "we shouldn't shirk from criticizing religion as
a prop for ruling class ideology."  Religion is a personal issue on an
individual level, but when organized religion uses the cloak of religion to
defend the status quo, then we should ruthlessly attack it.

 >One of the central lessons and principles of the Cuban Revolution is that
 >the building of socialism is the task of free, fully conscious women and

If that's true, then it should be accepted that free, fully conscious
people might not always do what you want or expect them to do.  Where the
building of socialism is concerned, I would be more concerned about
bourgeois counterrevolution than whether some comrades hold spiritual beliefs.

As I said, let's worry about creating a successful revolution first.

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